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Hello! My name is Pol Clarissou, would you like to hire me

You might have heard of my games Vignettes and Orchids to Dusk, or some of my other interactives. That beautiful talent could be yours! Hire me!!

I am looking for contract work and/or a longer-term hire. I am willing to relocate as necessary, fluent in English and French.

Links of interest: resume - main projects portfolio - contact@polclarissou.com

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Here are examples of things i can do for you and your projects:

Hire me to do foliage for your open world game

I can both draw 2D plant sprites and create stylized 3D models for vegetation. I always favor stylized art styles but i don't limit myself to any specifically and can explore different directions.

▽ see examples ▽

This is a Skyrim mod replacing all the vegetation sprites with custom made doodly variants.

These are test scenes made in Unity using Doodle Studio 95 and Unity's terrain system for foliage support.

These are foliage screenshots from my game Orchids to Dusk.

Hire me to do art for your visual novel

(or any sprite-based game) (or any kind of illustration work really) (i've done comics in the past! it's true!)

▽ see examples ▽

These are indulgent fanarts of my own game characters—but consider this, if you hire me i'll basically be doing fanart for your game!!

These are illustrations from a series based on tweets by the Strange Voyage twitter bot.

These are pencil drawings.

This is a jolly set of foes and fellows.

link of interest: illustration tag on my blog

Hire me to create music videos or dynamic VJ backdrops for your sets

Working with Unity allows me to create interactive music videos, web-based experiences, dynamic VJ material, etc.

▽ see examples ▽

These are excerpts from recently released Unity scene The Static.

This is an unreleased visual experiment made in Unity.


This is a short 'game' (standalone/webgl) set to Horace Blaster's album Airplane mode.


These are micro music video tests made in Unity.

link of interest: Unity tag on my blog

Hire me to do VFX for your Unity project

I have experience with both particle systems and shaders (using node-based shader editors) in Unity.

▽ see examples ▽

This is a scene i directed and implemented (including shaders & materials) in Ice Water Games' Fire Place.

This is a is an example of VFX work for the upcoming Vignettes update.

These are examples of VFX work i did while working at Arcturus.

These are snippets of the VFX work in Orchids to Dusk.

Other things i can do for you:

art direction & aesthetic/world research
▽ see examples ▽

I was the primary artist behind mobile game Vignettes and drove the art direction of the game from its inception to the releases. It's my baby!!!

I handled a change in art direction in one of Arcturus's projects (proposed a new lore and style guide, selected external R&D artists and handled back and forth with them, compiled the new art deck). Bottom right concept art by Erwin Kho.

simple 3D art
▽ see examples ▽

These are progress shots of a 3D model featured in the Zium Garden, and an ingame screenshot from colorfiction.

I created every 3D asset in Vignettes. The bottom 3 images are prints commissioned and featured by the VGA gallery.

sensible drawings of various trinkets and curiosities
▽ see examples ▽

Click the images to for more details.

layout and graphic design for leaflets, flyers, etc
▽ see examples ▽

Click the images to for more details.

If you don't want to hire me but still want to help me make art, you can
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... or straight up fund my dream game project?

(don't steal it from me though i WILL murder you)

thank you for your time

hire me :^)