Pol Clarissou - -

member of games/art collective Klondike
participation to events as a collective (panels, group showcases, installations)
  • Parallel Worlds conference, V&A museum (London)
  • Indiecade Europe (Paris)
  • Screenshake (Antwerp)
  • Fantastic Arcade (Austin)
  • A MAZE. (Berlin)
  • & more


2011 - 2016 · Supinfogame (France)
Videogame Director master's degree - RNCP level 1
graduation project: WARP-01


2021-present · Trebuchet
VFX artist
  • production of visual effects for VR games built in Unity

2019-2021 · NUTS
  • released on iOS (Arcade), computers (Steam, Humble & and Nintendo Switch
  • directed and produced all visual content except for squirrel models / animations and additional tech art support for the outline effect
  • handled visual concept, 3D modeling, Unity integration, overall shader development; participated to the level design process and to narrative development
  • recognitions: Indiecade - Nominee and Audio Design winner, A.MAZE nominee, Day of the Devs selection, & more

2019 · unannounced Topstitch project prototype art
  • quick turnaround development and production of prototype art for testing and pitching purposes
  • concept, production and implementation of environment and character assets, including shader work and scene dressing

2017-2018 · Arcturus
VR interaction designer
  • 1 shipped project - The Way of Kings VR
  • also handled Unity VFX in the late production phase of two projects (incl. The Way of Kings)
  • also handled a visual direction change in an inhouse project (new proposal, external R&D artists selection and communication, new visual deck compilation)

2014-2019 · Vignettes
designer, artist
  • released on iOS and Android mobile platforms, computers (Steam &
  • project started in 2014 but only fulltime between 2016 and early 2017
  • created the original prototype
  • handled the art direction and graphics production (concept, 3D modeling, Unity integration)
  • design co-authored with Armel Gibson
  • recognitions: Indiecade Europe - Nominees' choice award, IGF nominee, BIG festival nominee, A.MAZE nominee, VGA Gallery print selection, & more

2017 · Technoculture, Art and Games lab (Concordia University, Montreal)
residency artist
  • created a multimedia narrative installation in collaboration with theater author Marie-Hélène Larose-Truchon and game designer François Kmetty
  • the concept and design of the installation was a collaborative effort
  • personally handled the creation of physical material for the installation (booklets, maps)

2015-2016 · WARP-01 (graduation project)
tech artist
  • VR experience using cave automatic virtual environment technology (projection-based, room scale user motion and input, networked computers system)
  • handled the creation of dynamic visual elements and special effects in Unity
  • involved in design and implementation discussions

2016 · XXI Triennale di Milano International Exhibition, Santa Ragione
commissioned artist & developer
  • concept and production of The Glass Room, a piece in the Triennale Game Collection exhibit, under the supervision of Santa Ragione
  • exhibited in Milan during the Triennale
  • released digitally on the Apple and Android mobile platforms, computers (via Steam)

2015 · Orchids to Dusk, KO_OP
residency artist & developer
  • concept and production of Orchids to Dusk with KO_OP's financial and creative support
  • recognitions: IGF nominee, A.MAZE nominee, FILE nominee, Digra Blank Arcade exhibit, & more

2014 · Swing Swing Submarine
2D animation intern
  • created animations for the gamescom demo of Seasons After Fall using an inhouse Unity animation tool