wandering through space without a purpose_
getting old and getting lost_

a game by Pol Clarissou with musics by Nicholas Gavan
first version realized during the space cowboy game jam

share your endgame maps under the #eventhestarsgame hashtag


vers. 01.3 - Unity, browser
standalones versions available on itch.io and gamejolt

known issues

The OSX build might not work. You can however play the browser build on Mac.
Mac users using a non-standard keyboard layout (eg. french layout) have to switch back to the english layout for the numeric keys to be recognized.
On browser, if the window only shows a black screen after loading, try scrolling or resizing the window. It might be due to your Unity player being outdated, or to the browser itself.
If you notice a bug or want to give feedback, feel free to contact me!

Rock, Paper, Shotgun
L'Oujevipo [fr, on the jam version]
Warp Door [on the jam version]
Alpha Beta Gamer
Giocoindie [it]
PC Gamer


//part of the IGF Student Showcase 2015//


itch.io (standalones + donations)

development posts & pics

tigsource thread