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Tetchy Mrs. Sheriff Saves The Day
was developed in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare #27
Music credits :
* country tunes come from FreeCountryLoops.com
* Other musics : Bonnie Tyler - I Need a Hero & ももいろクローバーZ「Z女戦争」
* Various sound effects come from freesound.org
* Incredible voice acting from voxygen.fr

Player reviews
Aaaannnnd now my fingers hurts.
Fun game, nice art, very polished.
Very calm and relaxing interactive love story. 10/10.
The decent into absolute absurdity was awesome. [...] Good game!
One of the better 2-buttons-run game I ever played. Controls works fine in the game, but sneaking is really hard. Anyway is fun and polished!
very artsy. too bad im not good enough to beat this ;_;. I like the more unique approach on controls. reminds me of quop or the nes olympic games.
love the art style, and the ending is fantastic. very unique game. great job!
A nice little finger workout with a really cool story and art style. Great stuff!
That was absolutely hilarious. I love you.
Lovely graphics and congratz for the plot, the Miss Sheriff is a beautiful character. Also like the mashup that is the music.
This... is genius. It's so completely unexpected! I love it! LOVE. IT. Everything's great. Also. DAT ENDING. Keep up the awesome work!
Funny, gorgeous, punchy game. Everything you need. :3